Sunday morning coming down

I’d write something about the Jackets’ loss in Boston last night, but I’m paralyzed by the shame of how many hits this blog has been getting from people searching for information on those cursed Ohio Lottery singing reindeer…

In all seriousness, I didn’t really expect the Jackets to win this one. The Bruins are a good team this season, and were playing on home ice. Still, we need some more scoring to come from some place, soon. Nash seems worn down of late, and is reportedly dealing with nagging injuries. Zherdev is still generally playing well, but can’t do it single-handedly. Modin and Vyborny are still on the shelf. Hopefully we’ll see more offense kicked in by other players, a la the Colorado game last week, or it will be a long, cold January, without even those damn reindeer singing about “bling” to warm us up.

I like this from Portzline about the current state of the franchise:

I sense immense frustration from management and coaches that this club needs to be constantly prodded to play at a highly competitive level. It’s play one very good game, one OK game, then a dog game. Two days off, then a very good game. And so on.

To me, it suggests there aren’t enough of the right kind of players on this roster. Take your CBJ sweater off and think about this for 10 minutes … if you were another NHL club, name 10 players on this roster you’d want on your club. I get stuck at about six. If I’m in a good mood, eight.

I’ll go back to the “oil spill” analogy we’ve used so many times. This club was an oil spill when Hitchcock took over last November and, to a lesser extent last summer when Scott Howson was hired.

There’s only so much you can do in one year, with limited funds. The coast looks a lot cleaner now than it used to, but there’s still a lot of work to do under the surfrace. Fish are still dying. Eventually, they’ll weed out the pretenders, clean the greasy water. But it takes time and lots of patience.

Kind of says it all.

Also of note:


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