Not ready for prime time

No, this isn’t a post about Gilbert Brule…

It’s about the NHL Network, which is in its second day on Time Warner here in Columbus. I think I’ve mentioned before that I had the NHL Network in its premiere Canadian season, 2001-02, when I lived in Kingston. And although I appreciated the pure obsessive overload of a channel devoted to nothing but hockey, their programming could tend towards the repetitive and just downright too niche-y.

Of course, that was five years ago. Surely they’ve improved and increased the programming since then, especially as they make their big break into the US market? Right?

I’m feeling kind of cruddy and achy today, so I came home from work early, and while waiting for the Benadryl to kick in and knock me out, I watched some of the NHL Network’s mid-afternoon programming. Namely, a half-hour show devoted to the top ten goaltending performances of the 1997 playoffs. Uh, yeah….

Seriously, I appreciate having a 100% hockey network on my cable, especially here in the hockey-starved USA. But oy vey, even hockey geek shut-ins home sick from work have our limits. You’ll never pull ’em away from Judge Alex with that.


4 responses to “Not ready for prime time

  1. Sarah, I’ve enjoyed watching all the vintage games and the daily recaps. I consider myself a first-class hockey geek and really appreciate the network.

    One thing I’ve learned: I have DirecTV and have had the NHL Network for over a month (at no charge, by the way) but it took the longest time for DirecTV to update their listings. I would search around for a certain game on Center Ice and not see it listed only to find out later that the NHL Network carried it.

    Get well soon.

  2. The classic games are something I’m keen to get to watch. I was scrolling ahead in the listings, and they’ve got some great games on Christmas day — Isles vs. Oilers from the ’83 finals, Isles vs Rangers from ’84. Unfortunately, I’ll be in Cincinnati that day, and although the channel is offered there, my parents don’t have the sports pack, so they don’t get it. 😦

    They’re also showing the WJC playoff rounds the first week in January. Which I’d also be excited about, except that I’ll be in Deer Creek for a work planning retreat, so I’ll miss those too.

  3. Have a safe and Merry Christmas, Sarah. Too bad your parents are cheapskates. 🙂

  4. Not cheapskates so much as not sports fans…

    And Merry Christmas, Happy New Year et al to you and your family, TS.

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