Jackets 4, ‘Canes 1

I stayed home for this one; wiped out from travel the past few days. And I missed a good in-person show — Jackets dominated the Hurricanes, and Nik Zherdev scored two real pretty goals. Then, with the opportunity to get the hat trick with the Canes net empty, he passed the puck off to Kris Beech for the easy tap-in. And this is the guy who had headlines written about him in the Dispatch not so long ago labeling him “a bad teammate.” Even if the Jackets don’t make the playoffs this season, seeing the turnaround in Zherdev will have made worthwhile watching.

More good news from last night: attendance 17,453. And word is tomorrow night’s game against Edmonton (to which I do have tickets) is close to a sellout. So perhaps just like Zherdev has turned his career around, the attendance problems in Columbus are beginning to turn around as well.


One response to “Jackets 4, ‘Canes 1

  1. I got tickets to the game tomorrow too and thanks to you and your Pepsi deal I got em for half price!! So thank you!!

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