Jackets 1, Blues 6

Good lord, maybe I should have remained incommunicado in my undisclosed location a little longer…

Admittedly, between Life on Mars and following the New Hampshire Primary results, I watched this game mainly via PIP or dribs and drabs during commercials. So I don’t have any pithy commentary on how the Jackets played tonight…well, except that I can infer from what I did see + the final score that they sucked.

Big game, chance to pick up a couple points on a division rival that’s fighting it out with them for the last playoff spot, and the Jackets lay the proverbial egg. Sigh.

As always, I hope for better on Friday on home ice. If I don’t get that, well, no point hoping for it on Saturday, since they’re playing Nashville, and they always lose to Nashville. But hey, at least St. Lawrence is on the teevee this weekend (Sunday at 5PM EST on ESPNU — Channel 119 on TW in Columbus)!


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