What’s up on this Thursday?

Lots of news in Jacketland the past day or so:

  • Derick Brassard is called up from Syracuse to get his first regular season shot at the NHL. This kid has some real skill and will hopefully contribute; I just hope people aren’t quick to label him a “bust” when he’s not “the answer” for the CBJ.
  • To make room for Brassard, Kris Beech was sent down. Only he didn’t make it — claimed off waivers by Vancouver. Beech was a useful guy to have as a call-up, so it’s a shame to lose him, but it seems unlikely at this point in his career that he’s going to be much more than an AHL/NHL bubble guy, so it’s not a fatal loss. Hurts the Crunch, though, as they now lose Brassard and get nothing back from Columbus.
  • Pascal Leclaire did not make the Western Conference roster for the All-Star Game, and folks are up in arms. I don’t really care about the All-Star Game, so I’m not all that upset. And honestly, Pascal has been playing well and certainly has gaudy numbers, but most of those shutouts he rang up when the team in front of him effectively shut down the opposition’s offense. On other nights when the defense has been shaky, he’s not looked as good. So despite the stats, I’m not sure he’s really picked the team up and carried them on his back just yet. So, yeah, it would have been nice for him to make it in the ASG, but it’s not the greatest injustice in the history of the world that he didn’t.
  • Aaron Portzline called the Jackets out on his blog. He essentially said they were a bunch of, oh, in the immortal words of Naughty By Nature “another way to call a cat a kitten(s).”
  • Half the team is injured.

As always, I hope for a better tomorrow. Literally, in that I’ll be at the game tomorrow night and sure hope for something more dignified than a 6-1 loss to the Blues.


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