Saints 8, Big Green 3

Oh my, what a weekend for my teams! First the Jackets dispatch a couple of divisional rivals, then I get a rare chance to watch St. Lawrence on TV, and they lay a smack-down on Dartmouth. And as a bonus, I discovered during the broadcast that SLU in fact won on Friday night over Harvard, this misleading headline notwithstanding (that’ll learn me to see the headline and not bother to read the story…), which means they’re now riding a three game winning streak. And they edge up another place in the ECACHL standings, to a sixth place tie with Cornell. Eeeeexcellent. Well, I guess sixth place is probably more meeeeediocre, but at this point, I am happy to take it, much as I’m happy with the Jackets sitting in ninth. Because it’s better than it was, and offers hope for the future. Which, given my propensity to cheer for teams whose fans can be described as “long-suffering,” isn’t so bad at all.

Note: ESPNU continues their ECACHL coverage next Sunday, with the Cornell vs. that green and yellow team from Potsdam game being shown. I’ll be at the symphony with a bunch of old people at that time, but the DVR will be set and (hopefully) recording.


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