Nash goal, Duvie on waivers, and my poor decision-making

If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

I didn’t expect to get to watch that game at all due to my work schedule, but I had a bad sinus headache, so I went home early and got to see the last two periods of the Jackets-‘Yotes game. After Phoenix scored the late goal to tie it, I figured “eff it, this is going to OT” and went into the other room to get something, just in time to hear Rimer and Gare hootin’ and hollerin’ about Nash scoring a goal for the ages. Crap. And I had been watching the game on the TV in my bedroom, which doesn’t have a DVR, so I couldn’t rewind it. Double crap. So I missed it, but thanks to the glories of the internets, I can watch it over and over now. But it surely doesn’t excuse leaving the room with less than a minute to go in a tied hockey game…

In other news about my own stupidity vis-a-vis hockey fan matters: this preseason, the Jackets were selling the old jerseys at greatly reduced prices to clear them out. I decided to buy a jersey in the only style I didn’t own yet (the blue one without the Stinger head patches), which gave me a choice of Westcott or Zherdev. Nik was just coming out of an indifferent training camp, on the heels of the disaster of last season, so I just couldn’t see buying a jersey with his name on it. So here we are in January, Zherdev is probably the team’s MVP thus far, or second to Leclaire, and the man whose name is on the back of my jersey? Cleared waivers and is headed to Syracuse. There you have it.


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