OSU 4, BGSU 2: Photoblog

Who are all these people, and why are they following me to hockey games?

First I go to a Cyclones game and there’s an unusually large crowd; last night I go to the Schott and they turn out 7450, the best crowd of the season. They still had half the upper bowl curtained off, but there were actually people sitting in the uncovered part of the 300 level. Of course, the crowd was fleshed out by a large number of BGSU fans, so not necessarily a big turnout for the Buckeyes, but hey, why look a gift horse in the mouth?

(It’s also interesting to note that the Blue Jackets also had their best game of the year attendance-wise last night. So with the Jackets and the Buckeyes going head-to-head, roughly 26,000 people in Columbus were watching live hockey games last night between 7 and 10PM. Not bad.)

The fans who turned out got to see the Buckeyes pull the upset. They played pretty well all night, and outshot BGSU by a healthy margin, although it took two goals in the third period to ice the win for OSU.

Tom Fritsche gets dumped in the offensive zone

Buckeye captain Matt McIlvane readies for the faceoff

Kevin Schmidt corrals the puck at the blue line

Rudasill chases Petruska

Tommy Goebel brings the puck up ice

Sexton and McIlrath watch the play develop

Tommy Goebel pleads his case to the referee

OSU celebrates the game-winning goal

Kyle Hood tied up by John Mazzei

Tom Fritsche feeling the effects of a slash

Doug Schueller gives the Falcons some last-minute instruction

All over but the handshaking

This strategy didn’t pay off for BGSU


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