Jackets 3, Caps 4 (OT)

Not such a super Tuesday at Nationwide tonight…

It started promisingly enough — Rick Nash with a pretty shorthanded breakaway goal, on a 5-on-3 even. Hopefully enough to silence the screaming lunacy in some quarters. Then Chimera buried a big fat (Tuesday) rebound to make it 2-0. Washington was looking foolish for playing their backup, and AO hadn’t done much of anything yet, either.

Then it all started to go pear-shaped in the second, as Washington scored a couple, and worst of all, Pascal left after a collision in the crease. The season flashed before my eyes as I watched him skate off. Apparently a neck problem. Which isn’t good, but at least it wasn’t in the general hamstring/knee area where he’s had problems in the past.

It started looking like maybe tonight was the Jackets’ night in the third, when a stroke of luck actually went their way — Shaone Morrisonn (what’s with all those superfluous letters in his name?) collided with one of the referees, who essentially held him down on the ice as Nash skated in and scored the go-ahead goal. Maybe the Jackets would finally break out of the post-All Star slump?

Maybe not. Washington tied it, and AO scored the game winner. At least the Jackets got the loser point, but the denouement of that game still left me with heartburn. Or maybe it was the hot sauce on the chili-cheese nachos.

Puck-rakers reminded us yesterday that this was not AO’s first visit to Columbus; he played in one of the exhibition games before the World Cup in 2004. I had forgotten all about that, even though I was at that game. I do now remember him playing, and being pretty much a non-factor in that game. Far less memorable than the guy sitting near us who spent the whole game screaming at Darius Kasparaitus and challenging him to fight. With two goals, Ovechkin was obviously more memorable this evening. He’s not a take-your-breath-away wizard with the puck a la Crosby, at least based on what I saw tonight, but he’s got a laser beam of a shot, and plays with more edge than one would expect from an offensive superstar, especially one with a European passport. I also noted that he and Olaf Kolzig (who I watched play for the Hampton Roads Admirals of the ECHL 17 years ago — that means both he and I are old) were the last two Caps off the ice in the warmup. Nice…


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