A WTF? deal

The Jackets have signed Jason Chimera to a four year extension at $1.875 million per year, it was announced today.

I don’t get this deal. I’ve been willing to give Howson the benefit of the doubt on his moves this season, and thus far I’ve been pretty pleased with how his signings and deals have worked. But I just don’t get a four year deal for Chimera.

I like Chimera just fine, and by all accounts, he’s a good guy in the room. But he’s a career third or fourth liner (yeah, I know he’s spent time on higher lines in Columbus, but that’s more a measure of this organization’s paucity of legit top six forwards). Great wheels, but the hands and the hockey sense don’t keep up. Can play with an edge, but that’s been lacking at times this season. I’m just unconvinced that Chimera brings enough to the table to lock him up for four years. If this organization’s ever had mad depth at any position, it’s third/fourth line wingers. They’ve never had a shortage of those.

This isn’t so much money that it’s going to be a Marchant-esque albatross for the franchise in years to come. So it’s probably not worth stressing about. But nor was it the kind of deal to make me feel excited and enthusiastic about where this franchise is headed.


One response to “A WTF? deal

  1. You might have brought this up earlier but is Chimera his real name?

    By the way, WordPress won’t let me leave comments here (but not on other blogs) unless I’m logged in. Am I doing something wrong or is that a setting?

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