Meanwhile, the Jackets beat Phoenix and lost to San Jose

These late games will be the death of me…I fell asleep during the second period of the Sharks game, woke up with it 1-1 about to go into OT, and didn’t find out that the Jackets lost until this morning. I stayed awake for more of the Phoenix game the other night, but wasn’t giving it a lot of attention. Please NHL, expand to Kansas City and some other westerly location so the Jackets can move into the Eastern Conference.

Before I fell asleep last night watching the Jackets, I watched the #1 Miami vs #2 Michigan game on CSTV. It turned ugly pretty fast, from an “I cheer for all the Ohio teams to do well” perspective. The teams go again tonight, and it’s on one of the Fox College Sports channels, so if you get that, tune in and see if the Redhawks can reclaim some dignity.

It’s also Hockey Day in Canada on CBC, so if you get Center Ice, twelve hours of hockey related programming begins in about one minute.

The weather report had initially pegged today as the kind of day that would be perfect for sitting in the house all day drinking beer and watching hockey, but right now it’s sunny and warm outside here in Bustown, so I’ll have to fight the temptation to go out and do something.


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