Jackets 1, Blues 5

Now is the winter of our discontent…

This is the time of the NHL season when, honestly, I start losing interest. That stretch between the All-Star break and the trading deadline when we’re settled into the season enough that the sense of possibility that each new season brings has dried up, but the playoff races haven’t heated up quite enough to make things interesting. When the dregs of my Netflix queue are infinitely more appealing than a full menu of games on Center Ice.

Of course, in previous seasons the Jackets have been long since out of the playoff race by this point, which might make my February ennui a bit more acceptable. This year they keep bobbing along, never quite losing enough to be out of contention once and for all, but never winning enough to give off the appearance of a team that intends to still be playing come April 7. Stinker against Chicago, then surprise Detroit on their home ice, then lay another egg against St. Louis.

No doubt the comments on Puck-rakers will be full tomorrow with fans who are MAD AS HELL, AND AREN’T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE and are sick of paying $75 for tickets and $15 to park (why do people always have the most expensive tickets and parking when they’re angry? In seven years, I don’t think I’ve $75 for a CBJ ticket, nor $15 to park at a CBJ game…) and want every player on the team traded and want Howson to go out and sign some big ticket free agents OR ELSE. Possibly the Dispatch will run a column calling the players out for being sissies. Internet messageboards will light up with the theory that everything went bad when they traded Shelley.

It’s not worth pointing out to those sputtering with righteous indignation that this team is, yeah, pretty much where most reasonable observers thought it would be this season. Maybe even a little better, when you consider how many national observers picked them to finish in the basement of the West. This is a frustrating team to watch. One night they tantalize with the promise that, if everything falls into place just right, and all the pieces work together as they can, maybe this team can go some place. The next night they look lost, hopeless; need to be blown up and built again from scratch.

Me? I’ll throw a couple more obscure German films into my Netflix queue and wait for the trade deadline…


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