Brush with fame?

I was driving back to the office from a meeting downtown this afternoon, and passed a lime green sports car of some sort (Lamborghini or Maserati, maybe?) on Goodale. Is this Manny Malhotra’s car? I know he lives in Grandview, and I vaguely recall hearing he had bought some sort of European sports car which cost more than all the cars I have owned or will own in my lifetime put together. One of you stalkers out there should know…

If it was Manny, that’s way cooler than the time I was sitting at the Neil Av. ramp from 670 and saw Doug Maclean jog by in short little grey shorts…


5 responses to “Brush with fame?

  1. Once I drove by Marge Schott. True to form, she was smoking.

  2. Possibly a cigarette from those three cartons (plus a package of laxatives) I saw in her basket at Kroger’s?

  3. Marge once sped past us in her Lexus headed for a Reds game. Her vanity plate read MARGE2.

    When I lived in western New York bills coach Marv Levy jogged past us.

  4. We saw Mr. Malhotra after the draft. He was driving a gray/silver Maserati. Maybe he has two?

  5. what’s he driving a maserti for?
    It’s not like he’s Rick Nash or anything. He only makes 1.1. I guess his his wife’s got some money.

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