Jackets 2, Sharks 4

Oy vey, Puck-rakers comments will be blowing up today…maybe a posse of outraged fans will gather around Howson’s office, chanting “It’s all your fault!” college hockey-style.

Meh. Some periods of uninspired play + some inopportune penalties (see, Nash is stepping into Adam Foote’s place already…) = loss to a superior team

On the bright side, it was good to see David Vyborny break the long goalless drought. Maybe now that he knows he’s not being traded, and what happens next in his career is largely up to him, we’ll see some more of the old Vyborny, and not the naff 2007-08 version. Maybe he’ll even play well enough to earn that new contract in Columbus he supposedly wants, and he’ll get a chance to retire as the first career Blue Jacket.

Jackets are off to Vancouver, I’m off to Calgary on Saturday. I may or may not be posting while I’m up there.

I really wanted to go to this game, as the return of Shelley would have been a fun emotional moment to experience in person (moments that are both fun and emotional being far and few between in Jackets history). Budget just wouldn’t allow it.


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