Rick Nash, captain of the Blue Jackets

It was made official today. I got an actual “breaking news” e-mail alert from the Dispatch about it. Thought I was back there in Canada for a moment, with hockey rising to the status of “breaking news.”

Although I’ve never met Nash (walked behind him down the concourse of Nationwide a few years ago, but that’s as close as it comes) and don’t claim to have any special insight into his character, he certainly comes across as fairly reserved, and not an ‘in-your-face,’ screaming, spittle-flecked type. Not that an effective captain has to fit that model (see Yzerman, Steve), but suffice it to say that this strikes me as a role that Nash is going to need some time to grow into. Hopefully the fans will remain patient, but Jackets’ fans haven’t been exactly brimming with patience of late, so we shall see. Still, it feels like a positive step in the evolution of the franchise that there’s finally a homegrown captain.

BTW, I’m not posting all my pictures from the game in Calgary, because by the time they’re compressed down to a size to fit on the website, they’re basically pictures of blurry red dots and blurry white dots. But here’s one, just as proof that I really was there (as if the jet lag isn’t proof enough):



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