College hockey weekend and more

The NCAA regionals started last night, and ESPNU (Channel 119 on TW in Columbus) is providing near-3 inches of snow in Central Ohio levels of coverage all weekend. Last night I watched Clarkson beat St. Cloud, Michigan beat Niagara, and Michigan State beat Colorado College. I didn’t stay up for the tape delay of Notre Dame wailing all over New Hampshire, since they’d already announced the score of that one during the earlier games.

These results set up an interesting dilemma in that the East Region final will be contested between the most bitter rivals of my two primary college hockey teams. Although it’s actually not much of a dilemma, and I’m slightly ashamed to admit this, but I’ll be rooting for Clarkson, no question. Although there’s no team I like seeing beat more when they’re in head-to-head competition with St. Lawrence, but when the Saints are out of the equation (which they pretty much have been since November, this season), the fact that Clarkson is from the North Country, and the ECAC, and Potsdam, which is where I went for gobble bagels and imported beer….okay, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to see them win. Especially compared to Michigan. Or anyone from the WCHA.

Of course, my main rooting interest in the tournament is still Miami (Ohio pride, rep-ra-zent). They play Air Force today at 4PM. Which I’ll have to DVR, because I’m peeling myself from the couch to go sit in the cold for two hours and watch the Crew’s home opener against Toronto FC and their giant red hordes of traveling fans. The weather is forecasted to be slightly warmer than at last year’s home opener, during which it was in the 20s. But far less warm than my living room with college hockey playoffs on the TV…oh, the sacrifices we make.

Oh yeah, the Jackets played last night, too. They played Nashville, which means they lost. Possibly they’re “mathematically” eliminated from the playoffs now, but they’ve not legitimately been in contention since they stumbled out of the gate after the All-Star Game.


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