Jackets to go undefeated in the playoffs yet again

Nashville picked up a point today, so the last four games of the season are all academic for the Jackets. Just thought the two or three people still paying attention might want to know that.

The Jackets are playing right now, in Chicago. It’s on in the other room, but it just feels anti-climactic at this point, especially after watching that thrilling Miami-BC game. Which, sadly, Miami lost in OT, after dominating much of the play. But it was the sort of game about which one must say that if you could watch that and not get into it, you’ll just never be a hockey fan.

BC, Notre Dame, and Michigan are already set for the Frozen Four. The remaining spot will be filled by the winner of Wisconsin-North Dakota, which is going on now. 1-0 Wisco in the second.


4 responses to “Jackets to go undefeated in the playoffs yet again

  1. I’d be watching the UND/UW game but ESPNu has been messing up all weekend.

    That fourth goal by Chicago was a comedy of errors.

  2. So you mean it’s a network problem and not just my wonky DVR? I can barely watch ESPNU on my main TV, because it freezes so much. It’s fine on the bedroom TV, which doesn’t have a DVR…

  3. It worked fine on DirecTV.

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