Vs. toys with me

I finally got around to watching the NHL Awards show this evening. I was out of town when it was on last Thursday, and a heavy Euro 2008 schedule has kept me busy the past couple days. What did I discover when I did finally fire up the recording of the NHL Awards? That Vs. had pulled the wrong satellite feed from the CBC and shown a couple minutes of Coronation Street in place of the opening of the Awards.

For those who don’t know, I became hugely addicted to Corrie when living in Canada, and have lamented its non-presence in the U.S. ever since I moved back in 2002. I get to watch a few days worth here and there when I’m in Canada visiting, and occasionally check in on the websites to see what’s transpired (did you know that Vera died?! I didn’t!).

And so Vs. had the nerve to tantalize me with a few stolen minutes — why was Ashley sleeping on Sally’s couch? Why did Hayley seem so troubled while Roy was extolling the virtues of Fair Trade tea to her? I’ll never know, because Vs. cut back to Ron Maclean and the NHL Awards. Dang. Now I don’t even feel like watching it. I already know who won…


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