Draft Night Liveblog

(9:25PM) — All quiet on the Jackets’ front. I’m thinking we’ll see nothing else from Howson until tomorrow. I’m calling it a night on blogging.

(8:55PM) — Er, I just spent 20 minutes reading the posts about the Jackets on a puckbunny site. I have no idea what is going on with the draft at the moment, and my IQ has dropped 30 points since my last update.

(8:38PM) — Firefox crash took my liveblog down temporarily. Admittedly, now that Columbus has made one pick and traded the other, I’m losing interest here…

(8:24PM) — Isles trade down again, Nashville moves into the #7 spot and takes Colin Wilson. Carey Wilson looks old, and that makes me feel old, as I had a schoolgirl crush on Carey Wilson when I first started watching hockey.

(8:13PM) — Jackets pick Nikita Filatov with the #6. Dunno how I feel about that yet, as once again I was hoping for a defenseman to be the #1 pick. The TSN guys seem pretty confident that Filatov was the proverbial “best player available” at #6, but as always, “the Russian factor” creates question marks. We’ll see…we’ll see…a little underwhelmed thus far by the Jackets’ moves tonight.

(8:09PM) — Jackets make a trade! #19 and #67 to Philly for R.J. Umberger and a 4th. Not a terrible deal…not the answer…guess this means they will use the #6.

(8:03PM) — Toronto does take Schenn. Dangit. Seven drafts in a row Columbus misses out on top ranked blueliners…but now the excitement really begins, Jacket fans.

(7:54PM) — It appears Toronto has vaulted over Columbus, trading #7 for #5 so they can pick Luke Schenn. He was my second choice dream pick for the Jackets, so if this is the case, I’m pulling for SH to make a trade with the #6.

(7:49PM) — JD tugs at the heartstrings sending out wishes to the victims of the flooding in Missouri and Iowa, and then the Blues pick Alex Pietrangelo. Isles are next and then it’s Columbus’ turn at #6.

(7:40PM) — My dreams of seeing Zach Bogosian in a Jackets’ uniform are dashed by the Atlanta Thrashers.

(7:29PM) — Doughty to LA.

(7:25PM) — Tampa kicks off the festivities, picking Steve Stamkos #1 overall. No big surprise there.

(7:18PM) — Cross Jokinen off the list of potential centers for Columbus — he’s gone to Phoenix for Keith Ballard, Nick Boynton, and a pick.

(7:07PM) — Calgary is busy; Alex Tanguay to the Habs for a pick.

(7:05PM) — Coverage starts with a trade: not the Jackets, though. Calgary gets Mike Cammalleri, picks go to Anaheim and LA.

(6:10PM) — About an hour from the start of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. No news out of the Jackets’ camp yet. I’ll liveblog here once the draft is underway.


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