Duvie to be placed on waivers, bought out

I think we all knew this was coming. It’s too bad, because Duvie seemed like a good guy and hard worker. But he just never regained his form after his injury shortened 2006-07 season, and with young guys like Rome, Methot, and Russell challenging for roster spots on D, Westcott became superfluous to the team’s needs. I wish him the best of luck in his hockey career and other future endeavors.

Also in this morning’s Dispatch, Mike Arace raises the spectre of the Jackets moving as a roundabout way to call out J.P. McConnell for not sitting down to an interview with the paper. Stay classy, Columbus.

Finally, on the off topic tip, it’s Comfest weekend in Goodale Park. Which also means it’s the weekend when my hits spike because people are searching for “comfest topless”, of which I am still the fourth result on Google. Stay classy, Columbus.

And here’s a picture of Ron House from Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments performing last night at Comfest. Not topless, though. Sorry.



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