Development Camp — Tuesday

Work and finding parking in the Arena District conspired today in my getting to the Ice Haus around 11:15, just in time to sit and wait while the ice was resurfaced. And I got a work phone call while I was there, too. All of which is to say that I probably only got to see about 25-30 minutes of actual skating this morning, so my impressions are even more limited than yesterday’s.

I thought Voracek looked a little sharper. He scored a couple real pretty goals. Mayorov, on the other hand, looked like he’d lost the plot since yesterday — quite a few errant passes, shots wide of the net, and so on, in the drills I saw.

Tom Sestito and Derek Dorsett took part in camp today. I thought Dorsett looked great — fast, good hands.

I wasn’t planning to go down tomorrow, but we’ve had a change in schedule, so it looks like I can make it. I might take my camera and try to snap a few pictures.


One response to “Development Camp — Tuesday

  1. I was there for most of the practice – a bit before you arrived, Mayorov was using snow off of the ice to ice down his left hand – I think that’s why he was having problems. Seems like it was bothering him.

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