Development Camp — Thursday Scrimmage

Last day of (on-ice) development camp, and they scrimmaged in front of a packed Dispatch Ice Haus. About a third of the seating area was reserved for season ticket holders and their guests.

The scrimmage was played four-on-four, and the white team pretty much dominated. Brassard and Voracek played together, and I have stars in my eyes now thinking about the prospect of those two playing on a line together for years to come. Unsigned John Hughes had some nifty moves; he can really handle the puck — would not mind at all seeing him get a contract in Syracuse or Dayton Elmira. Even my boy steady Grant Clitsome (although I’ll never quite be able to bring myself to get a jersey with his name on it, unless he becomes like a Brazilian soccer player and just goes by “Grant”) scored a nice goal. Dorsett looked good again. Mayorov was fairly invisible. Adam Pineault and Petr Pohl took part in the scrimmage, but Tom Sestito appeared to be absent, and Ted Ruth had gone on back to Notre Dame for summer classes.

After the scrimmage, they had a shootout competition, which the Whites again dominated. The Red team was left then with the indignity of having to skate laps while the victors went to the locker room.

In other CBJ prospects news, the team signed Nikita Filatov. Now to get him out of Russia, with the KHL demanding money from the Jackets for him, even though his contract is expired with CSKA. Hopefully this will be cleared up before training camp — I’d love to get a look at Filatov skating with Brassard and Voracek.

On that note, with development camp over, free agent frenzy dying down, the draft past us, and Hitch signed to a three year contract extension, things should be quiet in CBJ-land for the next month or so. So expect my blogging to reflect that — I’ll post when something happens or the mood strikes, but I wouldn’t be expecting frequent updates. See you in September.


One response to “Development Camp — Thursday Scrimmage

  1. So I’m guessing that Brassard’s back tenderness was minor if he skated. I love that he and Jake have been working out and skating together.
    This may not be a reality next season, but I get chills when I imagine Filatov-Brassard-Voracek line.
    This may be an old-school bluejackets sentiment, but I feel pretty confident looking forward.

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