Minor deal

Joakim Lindstrom to Anaheim for a conditional draft pick.

No biggie, this. Lindstrom had some skill, but he was one of those guys who just never showed enough at the NHL level to earn a full-time slot. And as he was rumored to be on his way back to Europe this season — well, even a conditional pick in the latter rounds is worth more than the nothing the Jackets would have gotten if he walked.

What’s significant is that this is one more Doug pick out the door. I’m not totally in love with all of Howson’s moves, but at least it’s going to be far tougher to blame whatever happens next season on this still being Doug’s team.

In other news that will probably pertain more to the Crunch than the Jackets, Derek MacKenzie was resigned, and Craig MacDonald was signed. Also, it appears Steve Kelly may have been signed.


2 responses to “Minor deal

  1. Now, is this the same Lindstrom that won the Norris this year? =P

  2. Well, you know, Nik Lidstrom isn’t a “Hitch type player”

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