The schedule is out for 2008-09

Find it here. Points of interest:

  • Jackets start the season with a three game western trip, so we get a 10PM and 10:30 TV time right off the bat. Ugh.
  • Home opener is against the Preds on October 17, so we can reasonably expect to kick off the season in front of the home fans with a loss.
  • Eastern teams coming to visit: Rangers, Habs, Caps, Isles, Flyers, Devils, Sens, Bruins, Pens. So we get both Crosby and Ovechkin this season.
  • Jackets going to play these Eastern teams: Isles, Sabres, Thrashers, Caps, Pens, Hurricanes, Leafs, Panthers, Lightning. So fans in those cities get to see both Christian Backman and Jason Chimera this season.
  • No New Year’s Eve home game.
  • Close off the season at home against the Wild. And we’re guaranteed to see hockey deeper into April for a change, because the regular season ends five days later than last year.

Single tickets go on sale September 19.


2 responses to “The schedule is out for 2008-09

  1. A couple other items: Only three home exhibition games, but the final home game is against Toronto.

    The schedule is more balanced month-by-month this year, but only six Friday games, three Sunday, and three Monday home games. Tuesday’s will have ten home games.

    Nationwide will be rocking when Pittsburgh comes to town in March, but no Buffalo.

  2. Pessimist Patty. Those Eastern Conference teams fans are probably excited to see Christian Backman grace them with his presence once again. His previous stay was just too short.

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