You’ll notice this site looks a little different this morning. I decided that since the Jackets will have a fresh new look in 2008-09, so should the NZT. So I changed the theme and made Kris Russell the new star of the header.

I’ve also added a few pictures to the NZT Guide to Columbus page, something I’ve been intending to do for an eternity. At some point I’d like to add some more pics, and that page could sorely use some updating as it is.

Also, in the rest of the off-season, I do want to update my links. There are lots of good blogs that I read regularly that are not on there, and others that have moved or become defunct. I hope to have the links up to snuff by the start of training camp in September.

In other exciting blog news, I’ve been invited to blog about the CBJ on the Hockey News site in the coming season. I’ve been a little slow getting my first post up due to travel, work, and wasting time on Facebook other important stuff, but I’m intending to get a post up today about the Jackets’ off-season. Look for it.


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