Stretching real hard for a Sunday round-up

The Dispatch really had to reach for their obligatory Sunday CBJ story in order to rile up the Buckeye fans this week. We get a cute little human interest story about how Adam Pineault has been volunteering with a local fire company to learn more about firefighting. Good on him for his interest in helping the community when his hockey career is over, but lawdy, hockey season can’t come too soon!

Possibly of note, via Scarlett Ice, we learn that Ottawa has signed an ECHL affiliation agreement with the Elmira Jackals. No word on whether this means any change in the Jackets’ AA affiliations, since they were with the Jackals last season. Given that at any given time only a handful of Jackets’ prospects are playing with their ECHL affiliate, it’s no big deal, but hey, I’m just stretching like the Dispatch…

And no Yearbook sightings yet, but the Grandview Giant Eagle has the Hockey News Fantasy Guide. They don’t see an offensive revelation on the horizon for the Jackets. Projected point totals:

  • Nash 72
  • Huselius 59
  • Umberger 55
  • Modin 43
  • Voracek 43
  • Brassard 38
  • Torres 35
  • Chimera 31
  • Filatov 31

Hope they’re wrong about some of those, or it’s going to be another long summer filled with human interest stories…

Also of note, THN projects 43 points for Dan Fritsche and 66 for Nik Zherdev in New York, 22 for Gilbert Brule in Edmonton.

Now back to summer hibernation.


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