Jackets 5, Preds 3: home opener

It was good to get the Preds monkey off the team’s backs right away — at least now we know they won’t go 0-6 against Nashville.

It was a pretty sloppy game at times, and in the second the Jackets looked poised to throw it away after building up a 4-0 lead. But they hung on, even with the injury to Pascal (the team is saying just a bruise, which hopefully is correct, although Dan LaCosta’s been recalled as a precaution) and pulled it out.

The kids provided some high points last night. Filatov scored his first NHL goal and showed his talent all night — although he was getting thrown around physically fairly easily, so I hope he does get to go back to Syracuse eventually. AHL players aren’t necessarily any smaller, but at least the game’s a bit slower and the pressure somewhat less, so that could be a better place for him to bulk up and get used to the physical North American game. Brassard and Voracek are continuing to look good and play well together, even with Jason Chimera’s hands of stone on their flank.

And Nash is Nash. The future looks bright with Nash, Brassard, Voracek and Filatov leading the Jackets offense. The team’s still a work in progress, so I expect we’ll have some long, frustrating nights yet this season, but there’s a lot of promise there.

And hey, they beat the Preds in front of a full house. Doesn’t get much better than that.


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