Jackets 2, Wild 3 (SO)

Well, the magic in Buffalo faded quickly. But the Jackets managed to push a pretty good team to the shootout, and if not for a big save by Backstrom on Huselius in OT, might have come away with the two points themselves. As it is, I can settle for the loser point on the road. The Jackets dropped back into ninth place, but there’s a four-way tie in points for places 6-9, so they’re still very much in the thick of things.

I watched this one in kind of spotty fashion, mostly had it on in the background while I did internet research on what I might want to see next weekend in Los Angeles — I’m heading out to see the Crew play for all the marbles. The Kings do have a home game on Saturday, and I’m tempted, but I think I’m going to opt for sightseeing instead, as I’m only there for a short time and have never been there before. Unless someone can convince me that a Kings home game is such a transcendent experience that it’s worth it for my only evening in Cali.


2 responses to “Jackets 2, Wild 3 (SO)

  1. I can’t really say that it would be worth it to go to a Kings game… but, it’s a hockey game. Anyway, it’s great to see some fans making the trip to support the Crew. I’ll be watching on TV. Ole! Ole! Ole! Go Crew!!!

  2. In case you were wondering, Haptor3 is my alter-ego for my music blog (Cheap Gas Music [wordpress]). You know me as Rick from Gas As Cheap As Thrills.

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