Jackets 3, Caps 0

The Capitals may have been playing at somewhat less than full strength, but I’m certainly not going to begrudge the Jackets two points and a fairly dominant performance. Especially after the disappointment of last night.

Steve Mason continues to make the goaltending situation interesting. As noted in this space previously, I tend to be pretty conservative when it comes to bringing young goalies along into the NHL, but it’s getting harder and harder to argue with Mason’s results. Especially with some sub-par performances of late by Leclaire, and with Norrena’s apparently having fallen into the Olentangy and floated away. Looks like he’s our guy, at least for the time being.

I watched this one from home, as I’m still regaining my equilibrium, both physically and financially, from my recent travels. Looked like a pretty good crowd on hand, although it looked like many, many people wearing red. For anyone who was at the game, was the red in the crowd Caps bandwagoners fans, or people wearing Ohio State clothing? It’s always tough to tell when the Jackets play a team outfitted in red, because at any given time, something like 40% of the population of Columbus has on a red shirt.

Canucks up next for the CBJ. They’ve been hot, although they won’t have Luongo (like Columbus ever sees the starters anyway, LOL). Hoping for a two game winning streak to start December. I’ll miss this one, as I’ll be trapped on a plane en route to Phoenix while the game is going on.


One response to “Jackets 3, Caps 0

  1. About half of the red was DC fans, but the ones I talked to weren’t bandwagoners – a lot of them were DC fans who drove up to Columbus because of the holiday weekend. We also had a lot of people in OSU gear because of the youth hockey day – parents wore OSU gear because they didn’t have CBJ gear.

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