An Eventful Week

To summarize, since I last posted:

  • The Jackets beat the Canucks and lost to the Sharks
  • Steve Mason was named Rookie of the Month
  • Raffi Torres went on IR and needs more knee surgery
  • Clay Wilson was called up
  • Stefan Legein got his mojo back
  • There was a rumor Freddy Norrena had signed in Sweden, but it wasn’t true
  • Sean Avery something something
  • St. Lawrence beat Colgate 5-2 on TV

I believe I am all caught up now. I promise better blogging (in terms of frequency and content) in the new year. This fall has been a mad scramble in which I’ve been distracted by the election, house hunting, the Crew, travel, moving. All but the last is over now, and that will be done next month. And once I’m paying a mortgage, I won’t have money to do much of anything but watch Jackets games (on TV) and blog, so expect better in 2009.


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