Happy New Year, CBJ fans

Last year, my New Year’s Resolution was to drink more whiskey. I was pretty good about it the first few months of the year, but in the latter part of the year, I’m sad to say my consumption tailed off, along with everything else in my life not directly related to buying a house and moving.

New year, and I am moved, albeit still unpacking. The whiskey is unpacked, but it’s obvious that this year my New Year’s resolution is to get blogging more regularly again. I’ve let that fall by the wayside the past few months, which wasn’t really my intention, but it’s how life goes.

And it’s a propitious time for me to be revving up my blogging about the Jackets again, as they’re riding a three game winning and shutout streak, two of which were on the road. They’re not out of the woods yet — nor, for that matter, are they in the top eight yet, although they’re close. If they keep it up, it might actually be fun to be writing the blog over the next few months, and not a depressing obligation. (But if it does go pear-shaped, I’ll keep the whiskey handy)

I’m also planning to attend my first live sporting event of any kind since November — The Ohio Hockey Classic at the Schott. Featuring OSU and Miami as always, along with Army and the Green and Gold Satan. The Schott’s great for picture-taking, so look for 2009’s inaugural photoblog some time tomorrow (if I can find my camera and batteries somewhere in these boxes by then).

And although I’m sure it’s really fun to be at one in person, I maintain my objection to the outdoor games as a gimmick a la the shootout, so I’m once again not watching the Winter Classic. I’ll be unpacking instead.


4 responses to “Happy New Year, CBJ fans

  1. Happy New Year, Sarah. Please keep writing because you are missed.

  2. You might not be watching, but many people are. While it IS a gimmick its getting people to watch. Thats what the NHL needs. Besides if you are not watching you won’t know Dustin Byflugen is the guy without the Reebok logo…..

  3. Happy New Year!!!

    The Winter Classic is really nothing more than an old school pond hockey game (albeit, on a grander scale). Looking forward to the pics from this weekend. Keep up the good work!

  4. I know people will be watching the WC — based on last year’s at least, it’s the only hockey game a lot of my coworkers will watch all year, and they’ll all want to talk about it when we’re back at work on Monday…

    The coverage of the Edmonton-Montreal game a few years ago just really got up my nose — it was probably the worst for breathless media wankery because it was in Canada, and it just brought out what I find the most loathsome in the Canadian hockey media — endless faux-profundities about “our game” and “this is how the game is meant to be played” and just generally pretending it was something mythical and not an NHL game played in a football stadium.

    But really I don’t care that much. I just don’t bother to watch when they play them – kind of the same way I don’t watch shootouts unless the CBJs are involved.

    And as I said, I’m sure I would enjoy an outdoor NHL game if I were actually there in person. Kind of like the All-Star Game, which is always a joke of a hockey game and boring TV, but I’m sure it’s a blast to attend one.

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