Jackets 6, Avs 1

I missed most of this game because I was at the Schott for the Ohio Hockey Classic (more on which tomorrow), but I got home in time to see the Jackets turn it into a blowout. Awfully sweet to see, especially given the presence of the former CBJ captain on the Colorado blueline…

That makes four in a row for the Jackets and Steve Mason, and they crucially pick up a couple points against a team battling with them for a playoff spot. It was just after the All-Star Game that the wheels came off for the Jackets last season — can they ramp it up in January and February this season so that they’re actually in the hunt come March and April?

(Also, anyone want to place a bet on what date we’ll see the first comment on Puck-Rakers that notes the Jackets have gone on a winning streak since Brassard’s injury, and thus Howson should trade him?)

2 responses to “Jackets 6, Avs 1

  1. What about trading Marc Methot? It seems like the team has been doing just fine with him as a healthy scratch!

  2. Great game last night!!! A little slow in the 1st, but the Jackets dominated in the 2nd & 3rd! Was very nice to see Benedict Arnolds nose bloodied!

    This from a poster on LTL:

    Re-name the arena…..MASON-wide Arena!

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