Jackets 3, Caps 0

After a week in which nothing much went right for the Jackets — losses to St. Louis and Detroit, Nash injured, Huselius injured, Leclaire injured in practice — the Jackets surprised a lot of folks, myself included, with a 3-0 win against the hot Capitals in Washington. Huge kudos to Steve Mason (who was himself briefly feared to be injured this week) for standing up to the onslaught of shots and winning this one. I will conclusively say that I was wrong as wrong could be when I said he should be returned to Syracuse to get more seasoning in the AHL. I do just hope he doesn’t get overused and broken a la Marc Denis.

The Jackets are right back at it tonight, at home, against Minnesota. I was hoping to make this the first Jackets game I’ve attended since November, but I’m on IR myself with a lower body injury, and can’t quite hack the walking involved in attending a game. But I’m sure there are plenty of good seats still available for those interested.


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