Jackets 4, Avs 3

Adam Foote was on IR and didn’t make the trip, so it didn’t turn out to be quite the hate-fest against the ex-captain that all I had hoped for (although there was an impressive array of anti-Foote signs on display), this was still a good game to get me back into the habit of going to Jackets games after a two month absence.

The first two and a half periods were pretty dull hockey, not a lot of good scoring chances from either team. The Jackets played well, but bad luck, and a downright human performance by Steve Mason, had them down 1-0 after 1, and tied 1-1 into the third. Then the goals started coming halfway through the third period and it turned into a pretty exciting game, with the Jackets hanging on for the win, and, more important, eighth place in the West.

Good crowd on hand, one of the better ones I’ve seen this year. And they were pretty well into the game — once again giving us a glimpse of what the atmosphere could be like in the building if the Jackets made it into the playoffs.

Oh, and please don’t ever play “The Hockey Song” by Jughead again, CBJ event operations staff. That stinking pile of fecal matter has ruined countless OSU hockey games, no need to bring its foul stench to Jackets games. And the Avs scored off a faceoff as soon as they played that drek — if that doesn’t make it obvious why it shouldn’t be played, I don’t know what will.


2 responses to “Jackets 4, Avs 3


    I -hate- ‘the hockey song’. Wish they’d burn the tapes.

  2. I remember Foote saying “I don’t want to leave Columbus. But if you have to move me I would like to go to Colorado, please.”

    So why the hate?

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