Jackets 6, Canucks 5 (SO)

After being on the receiving end of yet another ass-raping questionable call by the Toronto war room against the Devils on Friday night, the Jackets set off on a Western Canadian road trip on that inauspicious note. Although at least they had the return from injury of Rick Nash to give them some hope.

It turned out to be a wild one — the lead going back and forth, Vancouver looking to having it wrapped up in the second only to give up a series of quick goals, Columbus looking to having it wrapped up in the third, only to have the Canucks come back and tie it. The Jackets finally iced it in the shootout, with new acquisition Jason Williams potting the first goal, to go along with one he scored earlier in the run of play.

Unfortunately, because they couldn’t put Vancouver away in sixty minutes, the Jackets did give up a point to a team they’re chasing for the #8 spot. They’re still sitting in ninth, one point behind Edmonton and two behind Vancouver. Tomorrow night they’ll play Edmonton with a chance to grab that eighth spot, and get some revenge for that embarrassing loss on home ice in November.


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