Been quiet

All-Star break, so not a lot going on in Jacketsland. This morning’s Dispatch takes stock of the team at the break.

All-Star Game tonight. I’ll watch ’til it gets boring, which will probably be about five minutes into the first period. The skills competition used to be worth watching, but it was so awful last night — bad camera work, failures of technology, Vs. announcers seemingly having no idea what was going on, and that atrocity that is the breakaway competition — that I switched over to the Miami-Nebraska-Omaha and Michigan-Michigan State games…far more entertaining.

I suppose it’s a necessity to have some sort of All-Star game, since every other major sport does it, but I wouldn’t miss it if it were gone. Nor, I suspect, would the players who are suspended for skipping the weekend (yeah, I know it helps my team to have Lidstrom and Datsyuk suspended Tuesday, but I’d much rather they win without an assist from the NHL). I’m sure it’s fun to attend in person, but as a televised showcase for the league — yikes!


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