Jackets 3, Wings 2 (OT)

Well, it may have come with an assist from Gary Bettman, but I certainly can’t begrudge the Jackets a win over the Red Wings at any time. Especially when the win comes in dramatic fashion like that — overtime, hat trick goal from Nash. And since the Jackets will never catch the Wings in the standings, giving away the loser point isn’t even a big deal tonight. Nice stuff, even if the SNOWPOCAYLPSE kept me home and not at the Arena (okay, seriously, my undisciplined spending of late kept me home and not at the Arena). I will be there on Friday night and hope to see another two points come at the expense of my erstwhile favorite team.


One response to “Jackets 3, Wings 2 (OT)

  1. Aww don’t give credit to Bettman, You are a CBJ fan, NOT a Red Wings fans. I am sure if you read any of the Wings boards/blogs, that is what they are doing.


    Cash is $$.( i am jealous)

    Mason . Woo-hoo!

    I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Nothing more needs said.

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