Jackets 3, Sharks 2 (OT)

What a week it’s been…as I’ve struggled with the flu that seems to have infected 2/3 of Columbus (good lord, I hope I don’t have mono!) the Jackets crashed back to earth, giving away must-wins against Dallas and St. Louis, and then getting soundly whupped on the road by Pittsburgh. Not giving much cause for optimism against the high-flying Sharks, especially with Steve Mason finally on IR (where he’s probably needed to be for at least a week), Mike Commodore, Marc Methot, Jakub Voracek all out, and the org’s fourth-string goalie in net. So of course, this being Columbus Blue Jackets world, where nothing is ever as it appears, they pull out the win in OT. And put themselves back within sniffing distance of #8 (tied for points with the Wild and Oilers, but in tenth because of games played)

Another must-win Tuesday, against Colorado, a team they’ve handled effectively this year. Which of course means they will lose 6-1 and then turn around and beat Detroit on Friday…


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