Jackets 4, Blues 3

Well, they don’t award points for style in the NHL (good lord, don’t anybody suggest that to Gary Bettman, or they’ll start deciding games based on wacky trick shootouts where everyone misses the net by ten feet!) and two points are always welcome, but that was not a game that left me feeling especially full of belief in the CBJ. It started well enough — always good to get the early goal, and especially good for this team to get a rare PP goal. And it’s even better to pile up some goals in the second and put the game seemingly out of reach.

But the third period…man, the third was brutal. I don’t know if too many of the Jackets were already looking ahead to the bright lights of the T-Dot, but they were just way too passive in the third, and it really looked like they were going to let it get away. I’m not sure what was the low point — the shortie against, the too-many-men penalty, or the two-on-nothing getting broken up. Yeah, they held on for the win, and that’s what really matters, but I sure hope to see a better performance tomorrow against the Leafs. Okay, I have to work very late, so I won’t be seeing their performance, good or bad, but let’s hope it’s a good sixty minutes of solid hockey.

Good crowd again tonight. Not near a sellout, but not bad for mid-week against the Blues. And they were really pulling hard for the Jackets, especially at the end there, when everyone was willing the fourth St. Louis goal not to go in the net. Good to see.


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