Going out of town again

I have an out-of-state training Sunday-Thursday, so not only will I miss big games for the Jackets against Vancouver and LA, I’ll be tied up for the trade deadline on Wednesday (aka the day of the year in which I get the least actual work done, even less than days when I’m on vacation…)! Thankfully I have a PDA, so I should be able to at least track what’s going on, but don’t expect any blog posts. I don’t even know for sure if we have wireless where we’re staying…

I am going to be just outside DC, and the Caps do have a game this week, but I am not optimistic about my chances of going to it.

No big travel plans in the stretch drive, though (although I’m toying with heading up to Detroit for the CCHA final in a few weeks, but that would just be overnight), so I should be around and blogging at full strength as we watch if the Jackets can make it into the playoffs.


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