BGSU hockey in trouble?

Rumor has it the venerable Falcon hockey team could be on the chopping block due to budgetary issues. This will be a real shame if it comes to pass. As I’ve noted before, I’m a fan of all Ohio teams in college hockey, and I would hate to see one of them go away, especially if it’s the only one to have won a national championship. Obviously, recent years have not been very good on the ice for BGSU hockey, so some of the luster they once enjoyed is gone. But I can remember back to when they were always near the top of the CCHA and Miami and Ohio State were bottom feeders. And I’d love for them to get back to a more competitive point so that all three Ohio teams are actually battling it out near the top of the league. But now it looks like that might never come to pass.

These are obviously tough economic times, and cuts are happening everywhere, especially in places funded directly or indirectly by state government. I deal with the Ohio budget every day at work, and it ain’t pretty. And that trickles down to individual universities, which have less money, and have to make cuts. I certainly hope BGSU manages to find some place to cut other than the hockey team, or that they find some other way to keep the team going through private donations (I know some Canadian university hockey teams are completely privately funded, but somehow I doubt that’s kosher in the NCAA?).

The rumors certainly don’t sound promising, though. It could be a sad day for Ohio hockey fans…



4 responses to “BGSU hockey in trouble?

  1. Oh no! Sarah, this is terrible.

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  3. That’d be a serious shame. Is there anyone doing a write-in campaign or anything like that?

  4. The BG fan messageboard I linked to seems to have some letter/e-mail writing going on, as does the “Save BGSU Hockey” Facebook group. Those seem to be mostly geared towards BG students and alums. I don’t know how much difference a public campaign would make to the athletic department and trustees since people without ties to BG aren’t likely donors anyway. Suppose it can’t hurt, though, just to say that people outside the college support the program and it raises the profile of the school.

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