Why I am not currently watching the state HS hockey semifinals

It seemed the perfect plan: I am going to see Kathleen Edwards at the Basement tonight, meeting my friends at Boston’s at six. Hey, the second semi-final of the state high school hockey championship starts at four at Nationwide, right across the street, and should end right around six. Why not go take in the hockey game first?

Got there, paid five dollars to park in the Nationwide lot (“Not a bad deal, I though, $5 to park for the game and the restaurant and the concert”) and almost immediately realized I had left my concert ticket at home. No refunds or in-and-out privileges, so I just wasted $5 because now I have to go home and get the ticket.

I was pissed off enough that I decided not to come back for the hockey game, and just come back at six. So I apologize to Centerville and St. John Jesuit for my non-support (Go Elks! Gotta rep southern Ohio in this). I may come back for the final tomorrow morning since at least I can park for free on the street on Sunday.

Of course, the greatest irony is that my former abode is within walking distance, so if I still lived there, I could have walked in the first place, or at least walked home for the concert ticket and not paid $5 for 30 seconds of parking.



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