Jackets 4, Hawks 3 (OT)

Often when I’m watching a game, I’ll be composing the post-game blog post in my mind. Last night, I was getting ready to write one about how the Jackets didn’t play badly, but that penalty trouble and a still-anemic powerplay that couldn’t take advantage of the Hawks’ undiscipline had cost them two crucial points. It really did feel like a game that was going to slip away, if not in regulation, then in OT, or the shootout.

Glad to be proven wrong by the Jackets and Antoine Vermette.

Yes, they did give away the loser point, but since we’re chasing Chicago rather than battling them for a playoff spot, I can live with that. I do still worry about what the league’s worst PP and a middling PK will mean come playoff time, when every team clamps down defensively and even strength goals are harder to come by. Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it…

By the way, the win last night meant the Jackets have now tied their highest-ever season points total (from last year).


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