Jackets 3, Panthers 1

Another night, another two points. This was about 58 minutes of “classic” Blue Jackets hockey — playing a team they probably should beat, but can’t get any offense going, and even when they started getting some chances, unable to beat Vokoun. The last two minutes, though, were all New Jackets — three goals in quick succession, two by Raffi Torres, to take the game. The win keeps the Jackets in sixth place in the West, with a seven point cushion on ninth-place St. Louis (as an aside, wouldn’t it be cool if all five Central teams made the playoffs?)

I watched the game from the R Bar, which was full of people watching the Jackets. They even had the “Let’s Go Jackets” chant going a few times. A year ago, if you’d told me it would be a Saturday night in late March, up against NCAA basketball, and you’d have that many people watching the Jackets, and it wasn’t an official Jacket Backers event…I probably would have said you were crazy. There’s a serious buzz around this team now in this city. Still plenty of room on the bandwagon, though, so hop on board…


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