Jackets 1, Lightning 2 (OT)



3 responses to “Jackets 1, Lightning 2 (OT)

  1. It’s 10:22 pm est, and Kristian Huselius still hasn’t shot the puck while in the offensive zone slot.

    Maybe if we give him five more minutes …

  2. Michael and Sarah, the NHL sheet says Juice took SIX shots on goal. Nash took nine. Yet another piece of evidence on the uselessness of the shot counts.

    Juice may have taken a lot of shots, but most of them simply softened the pads of McKenna or were from beyond the circles.

  3. Haha. Long time no see, TS.

    Actually, I was mainly harping on that time in the 1st period, when ol’ Juicey had the puck on his stick through an act of a lucky bounce or pass, a wide open slot with no Lightning in his way, and I think time stood still for all of five seconds as he hesitated … hesitated … hesitated …

    … then passed. I’m pretty sure I realized right there that it was going to be one of those nights.

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