Jackets 5, Flames 0

After a couple distinctly lackluster performances in Florida, the Jackets returned to home ice and conference play in a big way. They turned in a very solid performance against a potential first-round matchup, and came away with a big win. It was really just an all-around good game for the CBJs — even the much-maligned power play was clicking. Steve Mason was impenetrable in net. And the PK came up where it needed to in the third, when they got into a spot of penalty trouble. It was a hard-fought, physical game. Even Rusty Klesla dropped the gloves twice. This was a playoff-type game, and the Jackets showed up in a serious way. I’m not going to start planning the Stanley Cup parade just yet, but if they can play this way come April 15, we may not have to worry about four-and-out.

Good crowd on hand again. It’s not quite packed to the gills yet on a weeknight, but by far the best attendance and atmosphere since the lockout (whatever the official numbers were under Doug…). And the bandwagoners who haven’t exactly been suffering through the past seven years are definitely out — overheard conversation in my section:

  • Kid: Who was the Jackets’ coach before Ken Hitchcock?
  • Dad: Well, there was Doug Maclean…and then there was that guy…I think he was an interim coach. He had grey hair. Dennis something…

(Trick question, as everyone knows Doug coached from the press box all along!)

Only real discordant note of the evening provided by the Game Ops staff, for playing that AWFUL PIECE OF CRAP “HOCKEY SONG” BY JUGHEAD. You know the scene in “Slap Shot” where Reg Dunlop goes up in the booth and tears up the organist’s sheet music? Yeah, that’s what needs to happen to that song. Put the CD in the cannon and blow it into pieces…


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