Jackets 2, Blues 5

It’s common when the Jackets lose to a team beneath them in standings to say that they “played down” to the level of their opposition. To say that after tonight’s game would be a grave insult to the St. Louis Blues, who just straight outplayed the Jackets for 60 minutes. Their passes were sharper, their skating swifter, their shots on net, their scoring chances better, their defense more stalwart, their Mason more of a brick wall.

This is the first time in awhile I’ve heard the boo birds at Nationwide Arena directing their rancor at the home team. But it was richly deserved for that mediocre effort.

I could write more, but seriously, I don’t want to waste any more time on that game…I already wasted three hours going to it. Let’s just move past it and get on to Tuesday, when they can get one back against…uh oh, Nashville.


4 responses to “Jackets 2, Blues 5

  1. OK I’ll say it – I’m downright scared that the CBJ won’t make the playoffs. Look at who’s left – Chicago? Nashville? St. Louis? And we need 6-8 points out of them and Minnesota?

    This weekend was really bad. REALLY bad.

  2. I’m not too scared yet that they won’t make it at all. They’d really need to lose out in regulation and have three or four teams behind them win out. St. Louis is hot right now and so is Anaheim, but Edmonton, Dallas, Nashville, have records over the last 10 worse than Columbus. While it’s not certain, I think they still get in.

    I do worry, though, that some of the recent performances suggest they’re kind of backing into the playoffs, and that’s never a good thing. The intensity level needs to be going up, not down.

    I also worry that they’re going to slip into seventh or eighth spot. I think a matchup with Calgary is much more favorable for the Jackets than playing Detroit or San Jose, but I fear it is going to be one of those two teams, and I don’t like their chances at all in that case.

    Finally, Mason did not look sharp at all yesterday. I’ve been worried for awhile that he needs more time off to be strong for the playoffs. But if they’re in the position of not clinching a playoff spot until the last night, Hitch will keep riding Mason. And I worry what he’ll have left for the playoffs. I know he’s young and strong, but he is coming off mono and isn’t superhuman.

    A win against Nashville tomorrow would be huge.

  3. Mason absolutely should have sat yesterday, and I don’t get why he didn’t. Dubie is no Steve Mason, but the guy in goal yesterday was no Steve Mason, either. Next weekend we’ve got another back-to-back with an early game after travel on Sunday. What are the odds Mason starts both of those, too?

  4. I’m hearing the back-up warning sounds this morning. They’re going to make it, but how will they look after that?

    Maybe Aaron Portzline will step back from his playoff statements until it’s official.

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