Filatov Flap and a Big Game in Nashville

I’m in Nashville right now, getting ready to head downtown for the game shortly. Another big game against the Preds — they’re sitting in ninth right now after losing to Chicago yesterday, so they want this one bad. Jackets can’t clinch with a win tonight, but since every win gets them closer to safety, they need this one too. Columbus doesn’t have a history of playing especially well here, so I’m not quite expecting a win, but I am expecting a good game. And a good time, as Nashville is one of my favorite non-Columbus NHL cities.

Hopefully by now most Columbus and Syracuse fans have gotten all of the vitriol and “no, your city is more minor league!” insults out of their respective systems, and we can move on past the outcry over the Jackets calling Filatov up to sit. Personally, I still think it’s an odd move, and it would seem that playing in AHL playoff games would be more beneficial than watching NHL playoff games. But I don’t get paid to make these decisions, and there’s usually more to them than we fans can see from our seats in front of the TV. Still, I understand why Crunch fans were upset — with their team fighting for a playoff spot, to lose a talented player and be told he’s not even going to play for the big club, that’s a kick in the groin. And certain remarks by Columbus writers and fans were less than helpful. But what’s done is done, and I for one am hoping for both the Jackets and Crunch to make their respective playoffs and make good long runs.

And now CBJ-Preds beckons…see y’all on the flip side.


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