Jackets 1, Blues 3

Raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming? Jackets go into St. Louis — a place they’ve never been especially successful — having clinched a playoff spot, facing a hungry Blues team fighting for their lives…any chance that ends in a “W” for the good guys? Sigh.

I just wish they’d taken advantage of the inevitable and given Mason the night off last night. I’m still concerned about how much he’s going to have left for the playoffs.

Last game of the regular season tonight. Seems strange to think it won’t be the last game, period. I will actually be at the Crew game tonight, so I won’t be watching it. Thought about taking a radio and listening, but I’m DVRing the NCAA final, and with Davidge’s Miami connection, there’s no way they won’t talk about how that game is going on the air…


2 responses to “Jackets 1, Blues 3

  1. Skipping another CBJ game I see. You’re not even bothering to come up with an excuse like visiting your family.

  2. I have an excuse. I’ll be at the Crew game.

    Anyway, if I don’t go, the Jackets can fill the seat I would have bought with someone just hopping on the bandwagon who will be instantly hooked, become a season ticket holder, turn on all their friends to hockey. Well, my going to this Crew game may just be the thing that saves hockey in Columbus! 😉

    Seriously, this has been my worst year attendance-wise since moving to Columbus. I did go ahead and buy the 20 game pack for next year, though, so I am going to remedy it next year.

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