A disappointing Saturday and a date with Detroit

Turns out I didn’t miss much by skipping the Jackets’ last home game to go to the Crew game. By all accounts, the Jackets played a stinker and lost 6-3 to the non-playoff bound Minnesota Wild. Which meant that they failed to clinch the #6 spot in the West and had to wait for the outcome of today’s St. Louis-Colorado game to determine who they would match up against in the first round. St. Louis won 1-0, which meant the Jackets have fallen into the #7 spot and will play the Red Wings. Not quite the optimal outcome. But can you really say they deserved any better with some of the performances of late?

And as it happened, the Crew game was disappointing too. Much like the first home game against Toronto FC, the Crew led for a good long time, and then conceded a late goal to wind up with the draw. At least it wasn’t an own goal this time. But the defending champs are still looking for their first win.

When I got home from freezing at Crew Stadium and started watching the DVRed Frozen Four title game between Miami and BU, it looked for a time like I should have been home watching that all along, and not at the Crew game or the Jackets game. Miami took a 3-1 lead into the final minute of regulation, and looked to be about to win their first national championship. And then — shades of SLU’s meltdown in the ECAC semifinal! — they gave up two quick goals to send the game into OT. Where Boston U ultimately prevailed on a weird bouncing shot.

All in all, a bad Saturday in sports from my POV. Now I’m just waiting for the NHL to release the playoff schedule and trying to figure out what slender threads of hope there might be that the Jackets win the series…


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